Why I am doing this and making a big deal out of it

Dear awesome readers,

That’s right. You are awesome! You’re telling me otherwise? I believe in you so why don’t you stop resisting my words and listen to yourself!

You see, I’ve had this discussion a few times already. Every time I try to uplift a friend whose head is as stubborn as a rock, I actually say the same things.

No. I’m not always talking about looking at the brighter side. You’re in a dark place, how can you see the bright side? I’m telling you, my friend, keep moving forward because there’s an end to every tunnel. It’s not all smooth and sweet but keep the momentum, you will get there.

You see, this is never about me. I don’t want to be more correct than you. I’m not playing mind games here because when I tell you to believe and love yourself, it is not coming from my also stubborn head. It’s coming from a place where it knows no logic.

My heart’s desire is trying so hard to translate itself to the complexities of people’s minds. I’m making a big deal out of this because it is that important. If there’s solution to any problem, the change has to start within. I can’t simplify that enough.

I could write down an article about “Ways To Be Happy,” but hear me out. The reason you are here, reading this, is enough reason that you are awesome.

You’re awesome because you want to get out of your bad situation or to simply reinvent yourself.
You’re awesome because even when you can’t change your external situations, you’re trying to be in a much clear headspace. That is untouchable.
You’re awesome because even when life throws stones at you, you don’t run away. You endure the pain and come to terms with your daily circumstances. You draw strength, wisdom, and solutions from this. That is powerful.

The domino effect I’m talking about will start from the inside.

One day, when I finally said I’m gonna believe in myself was also the moment it changed my reality. Suddenly, everything is beautiful. Now, I’m writing and hopefully stirring the fire in you to transform.

The takeaway from this is quite simple and already “overused.” But these things are the very things we often neglect. There’s no going back. I tried and didn’t succeed. 😂

We only go forward, baby! 😎 Keep rising!

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