To those who still grieve

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What if I tell you the person you think you lost is really not gone?
That as long as you have them in your heart, they live on?
You really didn’t lose anything.
In fact, you have all the beautiful cherished memories with them that continue to inspire you, serve as life lessons, and make you the person that you are today for the rest of your life.

What do you grieve for?
Their absence?
Or the things you wish you would have done and haven’t said?

What if I tell you, it’s over and to carry on?
Move on from whom you think you lost.
Let their love your life force to manifest more love and great things in this world.

What if I tell you that the turn of events is orchestrated by the Universe?
It’s telling you, in this phase of your life, you will meet this person.
This person is going to be your mother, your friend, or lover.
They will teach you something and you will influence how they live life in return.
And then one day, their time just has to come for them to go.

Your life events are unfolding in front of you just as it is for everybody.
We are the main characters of our own stories.
The rest are people you passed by the street,
the person you used to hate but forgave,
the guy that made your heart flutter,
your friend who cracked you up the most,
your grandmother who is your most favorite person,
your only child whom you’d give the world for,
your siblings,
and your parents that nurtured you.

This is what connects me to you,
you to her,
and her to the world.

This was all orchestrated not for you to go and search for what you think is lost but to remind you that life is just the way it is.
Celebrate it,
not mourn it.
Live it,
not survive it.

They departed to continue their journey somewhere else.
Whereas, you are still here,
that will inspire me or other beings,
that will leave a mark and transform what needs to be fixed

This is a reminder to take your power back.
Because in the end we will all die and the people we’ll say goodbye to will remember one ultimate thing-
The love we marked here.

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11 thoughts on “To those who still grieve

  1. Alfred says:

    Such a wonderful post which has a lot in it delivers clearly what the writer wants to say a great support for those who cannot get over someone, I highly advice to read and dive in these thoughts you would start seeing life from different angles. Thanks for the amazing post The Only Charm.

  2. Sankalp Asthana says:

    As always, mesmerising & deep insight on the feeling that has carefully been jotted by such a talented writer.
    Much Love ❤️🤗💐🍷

  3. Weaver says:

    Hello Charm,
    Thank you for writing this, moreover thank you to start this blog which definitely I’ll come back to more often. I’ve always wondered what was exactly you’ve been through when you start to write. Cause it feels to be purely coming from your heart without any pretentious aim or whatsoever. And I think that’s the reason people will easily resonate with what you were thinking and feeling, which also happens to me.

    It’s been a year since I lost someone. I thought that I can handle it well but I don’t think that I did a good job. Being in a constant melancholy didn’t help me passed it through even though I struggled to convince myself this isn’t the end of the world and lots of people will eventually lose someone in their life. Reading your writing gives me a gist of hope and to let go of everything we fear to lose.

    Anyway if you have time, you can read my thought regarding this here

    Best wishes.

    • The Only Charm says:

      Weaver <3 It's my pleasure to have given you some hope.

      I'm so sorry for your loss 🙁 I know it's not easy to get over someone we lost. They are always forever in our hearts. I'm sure our loved ones are always watching out for us. We're always connected!

      I read and followed you there! You have a beautiful way in describing your day-to-day life! I hope you continue writing too!

    • The Only Charm says:

      Sami <3 Truth they say hurts! But we have to face them no matter how ugly they seem.

      Thank you for your lovely comments sis!

    • The Only Charm says:

      Hi Ate Mish! Love you too!

      Hindi ko rin alam 🙁 Maybe because it made you look at life from a different angle and you saw a bigger picture.

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