The Journey

Ending of the divide

If any of what I say triggers you, I will hysterically celebrate. I just slapped you with the truth. Now, it is yours to solve! 

Listen to that uneasiness starting to boil in you. The inward and outward facades you are deluding yourself into are finally caught into their own illusions.

If you release them, these superficial faces you have will break and shatter. It will uncover your wounds, your real face and everything you shun for your own perfect delusional little world. It will be a lonely road but keep enduring. There is no promised land but reality. This reality which is no more you or me, this or that, but both and everything.

Photo by Laura Meinhardt from Pexels

The ending of the divide is the beginning of union.

Union is only concerned with one thing which is love. Love that pervades everything. Love which is non-discriminatory and the very root of our existence. It is seen in nature, in the intrinsic occurrences during the birth of a child, the fall of the snow, the sun at its highest peak, and when it’s covered with clouds.

Things that stay as they are, whether you throw stones at them or not, will continue to remain as they are. They continue to spring and die and spring again. A tree which is the offspring of another tree from another seed and from the seed it was propagated are interconnected.

We are all interconnected, different expressions of one thing. We are unique aspects, the different parts that make up the whole. This whole which is the entirety, the absolute, the truth which is love is the answer you are looking for but already lies within you.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When the teacher appears, the student disappears.”

The truth that calls you is also you.

This is the journey.


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