The Journey


The life within me restarted its motion from the highest peak of optimism. 

Oh boy. If it doesn’t go higher, it will only go down. And the optimism indeed went on a sharp drop.

It didn’t last long though until I pulled myself back up. (Damn life updates. My “internet” connection isn’t fast enough to process all this)

Here is the problem. I disregarded the counterpart of light which is darkness. I thought I was untouchable from daily circumstances. I thought darkness had ceased from reality. And reality which is not concerned with delusions slapped its truth back at me. Hard.

The reality is darkness is the absence of light. (Don’t quote me there. It’s not originally mine but I needed that to sound clever and  to get to my point.) The reality is not one-sided, but all sides composing the entirety. 

Optimism is a big lie. It is like running away from reality that human life itself is subjected to a lot of outside force none of us have control of.

Part of the reality is that this world is cruel and will continue to project its pain and antics to itself. The hardest part is that we have no choice but to live with it, be part of the delusionals, until a more overwhelming call drives us to stop, look and listen.

Here is the good part. Inevitably, this calling will slap you with the truth. It will come with challenges, acceptance and finally, surrendering. The pain coming from the challenges which are integral and intrinsic triggers inflammation. This inflammation causes growth. And, this growth speaks wisdom.

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