In the midst of your own battle, you search for that thing that will make you go sane.
Sanity is what makes you like yourself when you look in the mirror.
Sanity is when you hum to your favorite happy songs.
Sanity is when you wake up in the morning, thanking your God or the universe you are alive, you have one more day to love, be loved and do the things that make you ecstatic.
Sanity is when at night, you don’t cry because you had a bad day.
You contemplate on the good things because you are more powerful than your negativity.
You feel drowsy and not afraid of falling asleep because you know you will sleep soundly.
The darkness doesn’t scare you.
Silence soothes you.
You are admired because that’s your power.
Your sanity is what makes people drawn to you.
You radiate light. You are a ray of sunshine to someone else’s life.
You accept that you have your bad days. You make your cup of coffee and it makes you sane again.
You are grateful to the little things.
You admit you are sorry when you make a mistake.
You are compassionate to nature because you are a part of it and you coexist with it.
You repeat the same things every single day. Because your sane self is your own haven.

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4 thoughts on “Sanity

  1. ED says:

    Or you can come cross that one only person who makes everything previously humdrum and exhausting worth living and enjoying. Sometimes it takes only one person to open your eyes to what has been taken for granted, to become the fuel needed for your own sanity.
    From now on, your posts are gonna be my go-to small corner whenever I’m looking for a source of positivity. You are actually doing us a favor when one loses clarity of mind.

    • The Only Charm says:

      Ed <3 Thank you for the lovely comment!

      I agree 100 percent! Every little thing is beautiful if we take a closer look! It could be from that one person! But don't forget to honor yourself as well. Your very light is what draws people to you, and them to you!

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