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In the midst of your own battle, you search for that thing that will make you go sane.Sanity is what makes you like yourself when you look in the mirror.Sanity is when you hum to your favorite happy songs.Sanity is when you wake up in the morning, thanking your God or the universe you are… Read More Sanity

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Coming to light

110 days of isolation13 more days of promised freedomI, embracing the coming to lightGoodbye to a found loveWelcoming my divine 9188 days of existenceSome weeks and days since I bought this mug for coffeeIt used to be a pairFor me, and for him Agonized, but I’m fineRainy days will come and passI wonder,Does love find… Read More Coming to light

Insights and Poems, Reflection

Begin Again

I waited for yesterday when I could have begun again the day before itI fret about the time that I lost“Again?” I thought. As if on a loop, I wander offTo self-loathing, self-inflicting personThen as if someone has slapped me across the face to wake me up to my senses,“There’s no going back, try again”… Read More Begin Again