There’s a cute baby photo here!


Disclaimer: This post is going to be a bit wordy!
If you’re my friend, I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot from me. Please save your time. 😄
This is my first entry for this website! It was supposed to be just a baby photo with a simple description but then again, I just go with the flow!
The flow’s current said, “tonight will be lengthy.”

Dear readers,

I don’t know where this blog site will head. Calling it a website overwhelms me that I chose the domain “.me” instead of “.com.”

Last week, I posted “Begin Again” on my social media and spammed my friends to read what I wrote. The majority of them was thankful of my simple reminder and that’s when I finally thought words do make an impact. If people can change the world for its betterment, maybe, just maybe, this will be my contribution.

Not so new news: I was in a dark place and most people are or were. Let’s just say, I’m one of those who like to talk about it, hoping to extract and convey the lessons from these experiences to those who need it.

The question I still ask myself sometimes, is it okay to reminisce the past? Yes and no.

No. Because it doesn’t really matter. As simple as it sounds, we just have to look and move forward. Yada yada. I know you read it a lot, heard it tons of times, but these things are the very things many of us struggle with. When I was on a program that teaches “mindfulness,” I had to hear the same things over and over until it finally got through my stubborn head. On the 7th month, I let go of my dependence on the teachings and decided to apply it in my life.

On the other hand, why not look back! Especially if you get to see old cute pictures of yourself like the cute kid above. ^^

With all seriousness, my vision in putting myself out here is I think my life’s calling. I’m in the beginning stages. I get sidetracked from time to time but I’m always led to this path. This time, I’m going to trust my heart’s desires. It’s going to be my anchor for where I will head to, and, my body and my very existence are nothing but tools for its purpose.

I’m not going to bullshit you with just positivity. I’m going to give you the truth and the harder it is to swallow, the better.

I am going to use my words as my power to change, my drive to transform as an example for those who are struggling. This is going to be my space for anything under the sun, my outlook on life, and what it is constantly teaching me.

These are my heart’s desires and I want to share this with you. Let’s rise together, shall we?

Your new friend,


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18 thoughts on “There’s a cute baby photo here!

    • Charm says:

      Awwww Samiiii!!!! This is appreciated. Thank you for making time to read although you probably heard me talk about this tons of times LOL We will rise aye!

  1. busra says:

    hey my charmieee,I have always appreciated your point of view on life even in the most difficult times, a blog everyone can find their own, it gave me a lot while reading, I’m waiting for your new posts! and more photos🥰🤓

    • Charm says:

      Busssss <3 I'm glad to hear that!!! Let's cry together! (With happy tears of course)
      I'm also looking forward to write more. It's just a start! Teşekkürler canim <3

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hey Charmieee, I always love the heart -to-heart writings of yours. They give me the chance to look deep into myself and discover the thoughts that I often ignored. Looking forward to seeing more of them. Keep up your good work 💕💋

    • Charm says:

      Bonita is hereee <3 Wow a great pleasure to hear those beautiful encouraging words. You know how much they're important for me! Thank you sis! We risin' ayeee

  3. Irene Lukao says:

    waaa.. this is so nice Cha. 🙂 continue to write, you’re full of wisdom and that’s what I admire the most. I pity those who took you for granted for they have missed that pot of gold. 🙂

  4. Marwan Pablo says:

    perfect entry, great step, and really cute baby photo XD. Words are your talent, continue this great thing, and I wish you the best while making it bigger.

    • The Only Charm says:

      Marwan Pablo!!!! El gemeza yasta! <3 Thank you! You know how your words always encouraged me! Canada vibesss LOL

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