Begin Again

I waited for yesterday when I could have begun again the day before it
I fret about the time that I lost
“Again?” I thought.

As if on a loop, I wander off
To self-loathing, self-inflicting person
Then as if someone has slapped me across the face to wake me up to my senses,
“There’s no going back, try again” I heard.

Between the realms of the world I am in and of my mind,
is the space I visit from time to time
This is where it is still
This is where it is neutral
This is where I get called to begin one more time.

Here, is my salvation
Here, I begin again because every second that unfolds, is a start again
Here, no one calls me names
Here, makes sense
I’m here, that’s all.

And if by now, my words still don’t make sense,
Don’t fret about it
Try again.

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5 thoughts on “Begin Again

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  2. Ibrahim says:

    Sure i wanna try again
    even if it does not make sense i believed i can start it again from the beginning, from neutral.
    you see i found it accidentally, i met the writer just a moment but like we’ve already known each other

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