Bagong Pilipinas

I cannot testify much on past events as I was not much a part of it except through the lenses of the different people whose hate and love persist for different reasons, and through those whose perspectives widen because of either tragic and victorious events.

As much as it was a political choice, it was more of a great resonance to his message.

As simple as it sounds, I and other people I know got ourselves registered for the first time in order to cast our votes for the things we finally hope will prosper.

But prosperity in a nationwide scale is only an outcome not by one person but by people. A group that is determined to take sound criticisms and work together. A group that will uplift each other because that is what we all have, each other.

When President Rodrigo Duterte called Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. a weak leader and a spoiled child, Bongbong’s critics feasted on this.

I was and until now a mere observer but the more critics show him hate, the man chosen for the presidency by the majority of the Filipino has never spoken ill of anybody and that alone speaks for itself.

If this man’s goal is to move us to a better road in unison, I believe no hate can make his vision clouded.

I correlate the turn of events in the “self” investigation I did in the past. I was asking people what their colors are leaving them just to ponder on the question.

Most of the people I asked also believed that their inclination to a particular color will change. I also believe that what has transpired in my very own eyes in these elections showed people’s colors.

While some were intriguingly shifting colors, some opted to stick with their chosen ones.

The rest just don’t believe there is such, or if a human can be measured through colors, I believe it only lasts for some time.

In the last miting de avance, Bongbong Marcos stood up on that stage wearing white. At least for me, white represents selflessness. As he stood up there, delivering his speech, reverberating “Ako ay Pilipino, taas noo kahit kanino”, I knew that whatever happens from there forward, he will remain consistent in his selfless service to his countrymen.

Congratulations to us who believed in this man and his unity message. We shall be colorless from now on and we shall work harder for the betterment of this country.

Mabuhay Pilipinas! 😊🙏🇵🇭🤍

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